A hub of creativity


Sensory Room Studios has been my musical base for years and over time it has evolved from a private practice and teaching room to a fully-fledged recording studio capable of housing full bands or multiple recording artists.

Over the years as my musical knowledge has grown, so too has my collection of musical instruments, amplifiers and hardware. As I’m sure many of you will relate, it’s very hard to avoid the craving to acquire new and interesting instruments or pieces of kit.

The Studio is available to hire for a full range of recording work, sessions, private practice and teaching. Please take a moment to get in touch with me if you’d like more information about hiring the Studio or working with me on location.

The environment


Room One is the main control room. It houses a top spec dual monitor enabled Mac, several Focusrite Preamps, a headphone amp for controlled monitoring and a fully wired rack including a patch bay for easy and quick connectivity.

Instruments and amps are also present in the main room. Including a Hammond Organ with Leslie Speaker, a 1976 Vintage Fender Rhodes Piano, a fully weighted 88 Key Yamaha Digital Piano (MIDI enabled), several Acoustic and Electric guitars, a Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier, Mesa Boogie Amplifier, Polytone Amplifier and an AER Special Acoustic Guitar / Vocal Amplifier.

Top class equipment


Room Two is primarily the drum / percussion room. This room is home to a full Premier Drum Kit, once used by Clyde Stubblefield who was James Brown’s original ‘funky drummer’. This kit is fully equipped with 9 separate microphones set up for recording.

Room Three is the main Vocal Booth and it also houses many Amplifiers. There are two Marshall heads (a Vintage 1976 and a 90’s JCM60) with a DI into the studio, these two Amplifiers are wired with a Marshall 4×12 stack and a Marshall 2×12 stack.

There are also two Bass Amplifiers, an Ampeg stack (4×10) and a Trace Elliot Combo. Both are quality Bass Amplifiers and can be recorded directly or with the microphone setup.