Garden of sound


For session work I am available to play all kinds of Guitar, Bass, Double Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Flute and Bowed String instruments. Playing all styles of music including Electric, Acoustic, Classical and Jazz.

I have a vast collection of instruments, amplifiers and accessories. Including a vast array of Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars to a pickup equipped Double Bass, several different Pianos (including a 1976 vintage Fender Rhodes), Flute, Trumpet and the legendary Fender Twin Reverb, modern Marshall amplifiers and a beautiful Mesa Boogie.

For more details on my equipment please take a look at the Studio page.

I’m available for session work both at your location or at my Studio, which is well set up and equipped to record multiple musicians, vocals, drums and more.

In addition to my own musicianship and instruments I am well connected with a variety of talented musicians who may specialise in other instruments or genres that you require. I can arrange for Strings and Brass ensembles and I’m particularly good with helping songwriters realise their potential with my encyclopaedic knowledge of musical theory.

Please get in touch if you’d like more information on my session work, would like to enquire about a potential session or if you have any other questions.